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Book Review of Pope Benedict’s On the Way to Jesus Christ

September 26, 2006

Last year, my good friend and former college roommate at Steubenville, Justin Nickelsen, wrote a book review for Ignatius Insight on Pope Benedict XVI’s little book, On the Way to Jesus Christ. What strikes me is Justin’s familiarlity with the various Christological trends of the 20th century, including the three ‘historical quests’, Bultmann’s existential approach and Roger Haight’s ‘symbolic’ dogmatism. This familiarity allows Justin to situate the Pope’s book within an on-going conversation of which many casual readers may not be aware. Anyhow, give it a read.

Justin maintains the outstanding Ressourcement blog, though he’s been on hiatus much too long. We miss his insight! You can also check out Coffee and Diapers, a blog run by Justin’s wife, Sia, and two other young Catholic mothers.


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