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Catholics and Football

October 3, 2006

My guilty pleasure is professional football. With a little help from Katerina, I have cut myself down to watching just one full game a week, typically the one in which my favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, are playing. I have come to learn what a waste of the Lord’s Day it is to watch three games on a Sunday (nine hours!). True, I am relaxing and resting on the Sabbath while I’m watching hour after hour of football, but I am certainly not keeping the Sabbath holy or building up the important relationships in my life.

I put up a post a few weeks back on the owners of the Steelers and their strong Catholic faith. However, I could not pass up mentioning that the Steelers’ safety, Troy Polamalu (Kat’s favorite player!), is a devoted Catholic who carries his faith on to the football and into the locker room. His teammates and his pastor describe Polamalu as a great witness to the faith, a firm Christian, and a devoted husband.

When asked about his success in the NFL and how his faith relates, Polamalu responded pensively:

“Success in football doesn’t matter. Success in anything doesn’t matter. As Mother Teresa said, God calls us not to be successful but to be faithful. My prayer is that I would glorify God no matter what, and not have success be the definition of it.”

If you are interested in reading more about the faith of other NFL players, check out the Catholic News Service article here.


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