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Quote of the Week

October 5, 2006

“Faith does not offer us a theory more beautiful than the philosophers’: it raises us above theories. It has us breaking their circles. It makes us escape the limits of our own minds. It carries us past all sublime views of God to God himself. It establishes us in Being. Now this, which alone matters, only faith can do.”

“The profundity of a spiritual act is in direct proportion to its author’s commitment in it.”

“The danger of all religious philosophy is that of taking itself for religion; that of gradually replacing divine faith by human reflection; that of coming down to the natural sphere when you think you are going deeper. The danger of all edifying theology is that of becoming cerebral piety.”

“The Church stands firm, in spite of us. She stands firm by virtue of a divine power. And nothing stands firm but her. We daily give occasion for new mistrust, new scorn, new resentment, new calumnies in her regard. And daily, by the power of the Spirit, such occasions are transformed into instruments through which the faith is purified.”

Henri de Lubac, Paradoxes of the Faith


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