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World Series of Catholic Theologians

October 6, 2006

Lately, we’ve had a lot of serious posts on our blog, so we’ve decided to lighten things up a bit with a little competition. Some of you may remember a contest over at the blog God in a Shrinking Universe where a contest was held to see who was the greatest Christian theology of the 20th century. Well, hundreds of people participated by voting for their favorite, and a lot of interest was sparked in theology.

Based on the success of that contest, we’ve decided to announce our own competition:

The World Series of Catholic Theologians
Our competition will coincide with the current Major League Baseball playoffs. You, our readers, will vote for who you believe is the most profound and influential Catholic theologian of the last 150 years. The purpose of this World Series is to encourage the reading of academic and public theology and to introduce some of you to those lesser known thinkers who have made significant impacts, for better or for worse, in Catholic thought.

The theologians in this competition span the entire theological spectrum. The only conditions were that they claim to be doing Catholic theology and that they have been influential in that regard. Like the teams of the MLB, these theologians range from great to not so great. And like the MLB teams, these theologians are professionals who have influenced and changed the face of academic theology and the Church.

We have grouped the theologians together in divisions according to field or common feature. There are four divisions in each conference. Each division winner will move on to the playoffs where they will be seeded according to votes received. The two conference winners will then face off in the finals.

Have fun with this and feel free to leave comments. Remember, you are not supposed to vote for your favorite theologians, but for those theologians who you think have been the most influential, enduring and profound. Voting begins Friday evening. Vote in every division!!!

Let the games begin!

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