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"Why am I Catholic?" Video Not Currently Available for Download

October 10, 2006

Thanks to all of our readers who have sent us many e-mails regarding the Why am I Catholic? video. Due to the many downloads of this video, the webserver we use has exceeded its bandwith limit. We were told by our webserver administrators that we are using about 30 gigabytes of bandwith a day by providing these videos for download. We never thought that so many people would want to download it when we first made it available.

Until we find a better solution, we apologize for removing these files from our server, but our server administrators could not even support such traffic. We will keep researching other alternatives that will not be cost prohibitive, one of those will be to have DVD versions of this video available for purchase (at a minimum price) to cover for software and hardware upgrades for our computers. Our original idea was to have it available for free, but the demand has made that impossible at this time. Please keep checking back on the site or wait for an e-mail from us when we will inform you of any updates. Thank you for your patience in advance!

Also, we have asked many times which software we have used for this video. We used Windows Movie Maker that now should come standard with most Windows XP computers. I personally find it easier to use than Powerpoint for this kind of slideshows. I will write a post about how to use this software in the next few days.

We have also been asked about the song used for this video. You can buy it at the Spirit and Song site.

Thank you for your patience and for all your wonderful comments and e-mails!!


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