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Quote of the Week

October 25, 2006

“Man is truly created as man and thus is willed to be such: he is not a god unaware of himself, as the gnosis of all epochs supposes. But if he wills, he can become God, by putting into practice the true meaning of his human existence: indeed, he does not possess any other way to become truly man.”

“Man’s true salvation consists in his being given the closest possible resemblance and configuration to God. Thanks to the working of Christ and of the Holy Spirit, man begins to attain this resemblance.”

“With the clear statment that only God can deify (and for this reason the Son and the Spirit are God), the Fathers explain at the same time that the deification can never be a self-deification on the part of man. The entire tradition agrees in affirming that deification takes place only through grace; in keeping with this, one reads often that grace is ‘deifying’ by nature…we become gods and sons through designation (thêsei) and not through nature (phusei), through grace and not through nature.”

“Grace exalts us and makes us like God.”

Schönborn, From Death to Life: The Christian Journey


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