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Evangelical Catholicism on the Hugh Hewitt Show

October 30, 2006

One of our readers informed of us that Hugh Hewitt had mentioned Evangelical Catholicism on his nationally syndicated talk show, The Hugh Hewitt Show, last Friday. Hewitt was broadcasting from the 2006 Godblog Conference at Biola University. During his interview with Jimmy Akin on the purpose of Christian blogging, Hewitt paid a small tribute to our blog as well as to the World Series of Catholic Theologians. Here is the transcript from that portion of the show:

Hugh Hewitt:
See, I’m amazed. Today I found a new site called Evangelical Catholicism. I linked it. Have you seen this site, Jimmy?

Jimmy Akin: Oh yeah, sure.

HH: It’s fac–I’ve never seen it before, and they’re running a theologic–a Catholic theologians World Series, where they’ve got Benedict against Henry Newman, or something like that…John Cardinal Newman. That’s what amazes me about (blogging) is that anyone with talent can go out there and do whatever they want in an attempt to open up a new world or attract an audience. Most recently, who has surprised you, Jimmy Akin, that you go back to.

JA: Who has surprised me–

HH: –in the blogosphere.

JA: –in the blogosphere, that I go back to? I would say Evangelical Catholicism would be one of them. The folks who run that also appear on my blog.

HH: Oh, they do? I didn’t know that.

JA: Oh, yeah. Well, they are frequent guest commentators and they keep me informed of what’s going on on their blog.

HH: They’re kids!

JA: Yeah.

HH: They’re kids! That’s what’s amazing…they’re very smart kids!

Well, I don’t know if being 24 and 26 qualifies us as “kids”, but we’ll happily accept the compliment!

You can listen to Friday’s show here. Hewitt and Akin begin talking about us at roughly the 16:45 mark. Also mentioned during the show by Akin was American Papist.


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