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All Saints’ Day

November 1, 2006

“…because Jesus ‘died for all,’ no one may any longer live and die for self alone ( 2 Cor 5:14f); but that, in loving selflessness, as much of the good as anyone possesses belongs to all, which gives rise to an unending exchange and circulation of blood between all the members of the ecclesiastical Body of Christ. And precisely those members who are designated, in an eminent sense, as “holy” are like open treasure-houses accessible to all, like flowing fountains at which everyone can drink.

Nothing in the communion of saints is private, although everything is personal. But “persons,” in the Christian sense, are just such as, in imitation of the divine-human Person Jesus, “no longer live for themselves” and also no longer die for themselves.”

Hans Urs von Balthasar, Credo

“We worship the humanity of Christ because he is a divine Person. We do not worship the mystical Body of Christ, the Church: it is composed of created persons, albeit they are lifted beyond themselves and informed by a divine power which brings us close to core of the mystery, the bridal union between God and humanity through Christ: per ipsum et cum ipso et in ipso.

The stories of Catholic saints are full of miracles, and there is no reason to doubt that a large percentage of them are genuine. The greatest and most authentic miracle is the saints themselves; the rest is a bonus. Handbooks of apologetics have hardly ever used the miracles of the saints to ‘prove’ anything, as is (or at least was) the case with the miracles of Jesus.”

Hans Urs von Balthasar, In the Fullness of Faith


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