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A Promising or Deceptive Trend?

November 7, 2006

I came across an article on Colorado’s anti-abortion gubernatorial candidate, Bill Ritter, via dotCommonweal. Ritter, a Catholic and a Democrat, has gone on record with his opposition to abortion. He refuses the label “pro-life” in favor of “opposed to abortion.” While he continues to be an outspoken critic of abortion and its practice from a moral perspective, Ritter has made it clear that he will maintain the political status quo if elected governor. He will not challenge the existing legislation that legalizes abortion. He will not refuse government aid for medical clinics that perform abortions. However, he will work tirelessly to drastically reduce the number of abortions performed in his state.

Is this a sign of hope for many of us Catholics who support the bulk of Democratic social policy? Or is this another attempt by a Democratic candidate to dangle a carrot in front of single-issue voters? Whatever your thoughts may be, I’m personally not excited over Ritter.


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