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2006-2008 Philosophical Gourmet Report is Up

November 11, 2006

For those who may be interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in philosophy, the controversial Philosophical Gourmet Report has been published for 2006-2008. The PGR ranks the top philosophy programs in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Oceania only according to research quality by a given faculty. Thus, the PGR does not take into account faculty/student interaction or university resources.

The PGR can be tribal. The rankings are based on surveys sent out to a selected group of philosophers. As can be expected, cronyism and insular perspective tend to affect, however minimally, the PGR. Nevertheless, the PGR is worth taking into consideration when one intends to apply to doctoral programs in philosophy. Not only does one get a feel for how particular departments are viewed by select professors of philosophy worldwide, one also gets a sense of how job placement runs after graduation.

You can view the Philosophical Gourmet Report here.

You can view the concerns of Dr. Richard Heck, Professor of Philosophy at Brown University, over the PGR here.

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