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Bush selects Pro-life Doctor to Head Office of Population Affairs

November 18, 2006

In a clear advance for the pro-life cause in politics, President Bush today appointed obstetrition and gynecologist Eric Keroack to head the federal Office of Population Affairs. Keroack, who opposes abortion, pre-marital sex and the use of contraception, is a doctor for A Woman’s Concern, a non-profit Christian organization that provides free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests, and encourages women to consider alternatives to the violence of abortion through counseling.

Keroack will oversee the $283 million annual budget of the Office of Population Affair which serves federally-backed teen pregnancy, family planning and abstinence programs.

I suppose Bush’s promise to have a very active last two years in office entails making good on his promises to promote abstinence and to severely limit the practice of abortion in the U.S..

For the full story, see CNN’s write-up here. Oh, and check out the article’s title!


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