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Wishing the football season was over?

November 22, 2006

Hat Tip: Coffee and Diapers

That’s right Hines, sometimes I do. This past weekend we spent half of our Saturday at Buffalo Wild Wings watching the Michigan vs. Ohio State game. On Sunday, we went again to watch the Steelers game at noon and then we watched the Sunday night game at home. If it wouldn’t have been for our friends on Saturday who watched the game with us, I would have been frustrated, because it seems sometimes that football takes over during these few months and we stop our lives to watch these games.

Before I started dating Michael, I never watched football at all, not even the Super Bowl. I’m a baseball and a soccer fan. So when he wanted to watch football games on Sunday (the Lord’s day!), I had a problem with that. As Sia , from Coffee and Diapers accurately described it:

“The sport of football has captivated many mens’ attention and time. It becomes something that men need to watch. They can’t miss it and it is their passion for a straight 5 months out of every year. As a woman it’s hard for me to relate to, yet I am compassionate to it as I know that I have my own passions. Yet it can be very hard when it dominates every Sunday, of all days!! This is the day when we ladies value and look forward to our precious family time! Sure, Monday night football is great– bring on the party. It’s a work-week. But a Sunday, to me, is sacred.”

I completely agree with her. But I agree with her more when she says this:

“So this is my cross to bear during these fall and winter months.”

I love Michael very much and just knowing that he is a good Catholic man who is dedicated to his faith, family, friends, and to me, I have lovingly learned to watch these games with him and now I’m a Steelers fan! I’m absolutely in love with Troy Polamalu and teddy bear Ben Roethlisberger. I have learned more about football than I ever wanted to know before I met Michael. Now, I see it as a little cross, because I would still prefer to be at home reading a good book with him or knitting or talking about other things (oh that’s a woman talking, isn’t it?) It is not a huge cross, but most importantly, a great joy, because I know that these games make him happy. That is something I have had to learn if I’m open to discerning marriage. As my mom would always say: “Marriage is about sacrifices. When you become a wife, it’s God first, your husband and children second, and then perhaps you.” So I’ve started to love those things that Michael loves and that I perhaps didn’t love as much before!

Sia has very good insights about how to make the most out of this season with your family:

“Back in Ohio I would watch the games with my husband. I learned more about
the sport and became pretty partial to my husband’s favorite team…

…I would try to keep Sunday a special day by cooking something yummy to have
around for ourselves and the potential game-watchers who would come over….

…It also became a day when a lot of my girlfriends knew I’d be home and would
come join me for tea for hours on end while the guys watched football.”

And as Sarah, one of her readers, pointed out:

“It can also be a great way for your little boys to bond with their dads and grandpas.”

Learn more about the Steelers’ QB Ben Roethlisberger who wears a Rosary during his games and Troy Polamalu’s spirituality!

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