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Getting Stuff Done

November 27, 2006

For once, I actually feel as though I was productive during time off from work. I managed to read three books over Thanskgiving break, and I have nearly completed writing an article on St. Anselm of Canterbury.

Books I read:

Joseph Ratzinger, Christianity and the Crisis of Culture
Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion
John Cavadini, The Last Christology of the West

I plan on writing reviews on Ratzinger and Dawkins for this blog soon.

Anxietas motivated me to dust off a half-complete article. As you may know, Anxietas has an article coming out in one of the most prestigious theology and philosophy journals in the U.S., The Thomist. Anxietas will also be heading up to Duquesne University this weekend to present a paper on John Paul II at a conference (George Weigel and Cardinal Avery Dulles will also be speaking there). Anxietas’ success has prompted me to put down all my new projects and finish up an idle project that has been haunting me for some time. On top of this, Katerina Marie continually pushed me to remain productive throughout the break. And so, thanks to them, I am nearly finished with an article that I will be shipping out to a few scholarly journals for their consideration.


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