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Sundays with Augustine

December 11, 2006

“In all that has been said by me, you are the one God; come now to my aid, you who are the one, eternal, true substance, in which there is no conflict, no confusion, no change, no want, no death; in which there is perfect harmony, perfect clarity, perfect stability, perfect abundance, perfect life; in which there is nothing lacking and nothing superfluous; in which the one who begets and the one who is begotten is one (Jn 10:30).

Now I love only you, I follow only you, I seek for only you, and I am ready to serve only you, because only you justly govern; I long to be under your rule. Command me, I beg you, and make any decree you wish, but heal and open my ears, so that I may hear your voice. Heal and open my eyes, so that I may see what is your will. Drive my madness from me, so that I may know you again. Tell me where I should look, so that I may see you; I hope to do all which you have commanded. Take back, I entreat you, your rebellious servant, my lord, most merciful Father. By now I have suffered enough punishments, I have been enslaved long enough by your enemies, whom you have under your feet, I have been battered long enough by lies. Take back you servant as I flee from these things, even as they took me in as a foreign guest when I fled from you. I know I must return to you; let your door be open to my knocking; show me how to reach you. I have nothing except my will, I know nothing else except that the unstable and perishable should be shunned, while the sure and eternal should be persued. I do this, Father, because I know only this; but how to reach you, I do not know. Push me forward, show me the way, and give me provisions for the journey. If those who flee to you find you by faith, then give me faith; if by virtue, then give me virtue; if by knowledge, then give me knowledge. Give me more faith, more hope, more love. How astonishing and unique is your goodness!”

Soliloquies, I.4-5


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