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Avery Dulles is ordained

December 14, 2006

I stumbled across this video on YouTube, and I had to share. It’s 1956 news footage of Avery Cardinal Dulles’ ordination to the priesthood. Dulles, the first American theologian to be named a Cardinal of the Catholic Church, is one of the greatest minds in the Church today. If you haven’t read him, and you are an American Catholic, you better get your hands on his works! Here’s the video:

I had the privilege of meeting Cardinal Dulles last year at the University of St. Thomas in Houston when he gave a lecture entitled “The Apologetics of St. Thomas Aquinas”. You can view the entire lecture here. During the question and answer session after the lecture, I asked Cardinal Dulles how he might respond to Heidegger’s criticisms of onto-theology. The questioners (including me) were edited out of the lecture, but you can hear his response to my question at about minute 58:00. Afterwards, Cardinal Dulles and I had a brief one-on-one chat on Aquinas and Heidegger. I realize that sounds pretty boring to most, but I think I would have made Anxietas proud!


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