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"Man, there’s a war going on here – in America!"

December 14, 2006

Nate Wildermuth, from the Lamb and the Dragon Blog, is 27, works in DC at a transitional home for the homeless and in his own words, he is currently “learning how to love.” This amazing and inspiring young Catholic has posted his reflections and the facts around the most vulnerable members of society that we often take for granted: their lives, their reality, and even their wisdom.

For the complete post, visit Nate’s inspiring blog.

“Luke (not his real name), a man I live with, is HIV positive, a former drug-dealer, an ex-murderer, and a struggling heroin addict. His oldest son was killed a few years ago while Luke was in prison. Luke’s other two boys are in prison for murdering the person who killed their brother. Luke has trouble walking around because a few of his toes had to be removed after he got frostbite living on the streets. His xperiences are so different from mine that sometimes it’s really hard to know how to connect
with him. And he often speaks and acts in strange and unexpected ways that make my heart and soul ache. For example, a few days ago we had our regular morning prayer, and I prayed for my parents and friends in Iraq – asking God to protect them and guide them. Luke sort of retorted – “Man, there’s a war going on here – in America!”

But I’ve never really seen that war. As a white middle-upper class military brat, I saw a little of third-world poverty, but I didn’t really see American urban poverty. I
see a little more here in D.C., but not a lot. I still live in a neighborhood that is relatively safe, relatively normal (though urban). Yet as I go through Catholic Worker newspapers, and through letters sent to me, I see a world so alien to my

Nate, our thanks to you for being at the “front line” and living the gospel in a way that some of us don’t even have the strength to do. Our prayers are with you so the Lord can keep providing you with the strength and perseverance as you go through this journey of love.


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