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Benedict XVI gives out his Christmas gifts to his closest advisors

December 30, 2006
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What if Cardinal Martino really were an anti-American?

What if Cardinal Kasper really were a universalist and religious relativist?

What if a mere Catholic Answers book on the Mass were all Cardinal Arinze really needed to read in order to fix liturgical abuses in the Church, ending a need for a responsible study of the Church’s liturgical documents?

What if Cardinal Schönborn really were a theological and historical dilettante, unqualified to edit the Catechism of the Catholic Church?
These are actual stereotypes we have found around Catholic blogs recently. Stereotypes are the refuge of the ignorant. Don’t rely solely on blogs and news quotes for your information on these cardinals. Read the writings of these men. Consider their expertise. Be informed before you start perpetuating falsities. Demonstrate that you know something of whom you are speaking. And if you must say something negative, follow some rules of logic: criticize the argument and the position, and don’t insult the man. Anyone can name call; few can actually reason well.

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