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Evangelical Catholicism among the blogs

January 3, 2007

Over at the Per Caritatem, arguably the Reformed counterpart to Pontifications but with a more philosophical twist, Cynthia has kindly numbered my Ressourcement post, The Ressourcement Movement: Historical Context (Part 1), number 4 on her “top 15 posts of 2006”. Luckily for me, she didn’t seem to notice how badly I am in need of an editor!

Sarah over at Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering is hosting the Catholic Carnival 100 where our post, A Catholic Understanding of How Grace Saves, is featured. A warm “Thank you!” to Sarah for her hard work organizing the contributions to the carnival.

TCRNews Musings, the blog of Stephen Hand who is the well-known editor of, featured our post, The Post-Tridentine Development of the Catholic Concept of Faith. He kindly wrote: “Unfamiliar with this—Michael Joseph’s— blog until just today, it has interesting, thoughtful material worth reviewing.”

Mirror of Justice, a blog dedicated to Catholic legal theory and run by an impressive cast of law professors nationwide, featured our post, A Catholic Respose to the Sentencing of Saddam. Michael Perry of Emory Law School placed our post next to that of UCLA Law School professor Stephen Bainbridge, which provides a very thorough discussion of the legal and ethical implications of Saddam’s execution in the service of Catholic prudential judgment on the death penalty. Perry asks his readers which Catholic discussion is more persuasive. While I make no mistake of assuming that what little I can offer on the topic could compare to what Prof. Bainbridge issues, Bainbridge respectfully notes: “In a very well-informed and thoughtful post, Michael Joseph takes the opposite view.” And again, “(Michael) Joseph makes a powerful case against the licitness of Saddam’s execution, but I remain unpersuaded.” Thank you, Prof. Bainbridge, for taking note of our position.


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