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Prayer for Universal Solidarity

January 3, 2007

My Lord,
the eternal God for whom there is no time,
you bore at the garden the sins and sufferings
from the past, present and future
of all humanity
to take them later to the cross,
where your love and justice
would be reconciled.

My King and my God,
My dear and only love,
I want to meet you at the garden:
I want to live what you lived,
I want to see what you saw,
I want to bear what you bore,
I want to share the pain and
torment you underwent,
I want to suffer as you did
for all of those who agonize the most.

My dear Jesus,
humble me
so I will not forget
about your Passion at the garden,
where hopelessness surrendered
to your endless mercy.
I want to meet you at the garden
and be the abused child
whose hope and innocence has been taken away.
I want to be the desperate mother
who cannot feed her children.
I want to be the imprisoned man
whose freedom is unfairly taken away
I want to suffer like all those
for whom you cried tears of blood at the garden.

My Savior,
give me the courage
to meet you at the garden,
where anxiety was defeated
by your Father’s forgiveness.
I want to have the tired hands
of the elderly who still work to survive.
I want to have the aching heart
of those who hopelessly wait
for their loved ones to return.
I want to have the ill bodies
of all those who suffer in silence.

My sweet Jesus,
calm me with your peace
so I can meet you at the garden
on that dark and lonely night.
and be your hope for those who no longer hope.


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