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Catholic Channels in Venezuela will continue operating

January 19, 2007

Given the many attacks against the Church that Chávez has orchestrated throughout his 8 years in power, this is at least a small positive step for the Church in Venezuela. Here is my translation from El Universal:

The channel 11 TV station, Niños Cantores del Zulia, owned by the Catholic Church in Venezuela will continue its operations despite a decision made by the Supreme Court that ordered its closing.

Msgr. Ubaldo Santana, president of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference and the Archbishop of Maracaibo, made the announcement after a meeting with the Minister of Telecommunications, Jesse Chacón.

“The dialogue that we have maintained all these years have reached a happy ending. This news about the Los Niños Cantores del Zulia is good news. Channel 36, Niños Cantores de Carabobo, will also continue operating,” said Msgr. Santana.

The prelate guaranteed that the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference will put all of its efforts forward to ensure that both channels will be of great quality in order to demonstrate that these are good media for the message that the Catholic Church in Venezuela needs to convey to the nation.

Chacón said: “it is clear now, that as a State, we are not interested in taking the Church off the air. In fact, we want to work together with the Church in restoring moral values, because we have seen in television —and the Church has historically manifested this—the decline of concepts such as family and other important ones that we should restore in society.”

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