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January 27-28 – Collection for the Church in Latin America

January 27, 2007

This weekend the Catholic Church in the United States will have a collection in parishes from across the nation for the Church in Latin America. The proceeds from the collection are distributed among Latin American parishes, seminaries, dioceses, and Catholic institutions. Latin America is rich in faith, but resources are lacking for catechesis and formation of lay ministers, catechists, youth ministers, priests, and religious.

When I was growing up in Venezuela I remember that the lack of vocations was very significant and I’m talking about more than 8 years ago. We didn’t have many Venezuelan priests, if any at all. Most of the priests and religious were Spanish or Canadian. I really don’t know how the situation is now. The problem that the Church encountered herself in was the lack of resources for vocation formation. At the same time, catechists and youth ministers were not properly formed in the faith, which worsened the catechesis of young people and adults. This led many people to leave the Church altogether and showing indifference towards their faith, because the Church had fallen in the background due to lack of human and material resources.

As a sign of our solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Latin America and in the name of the same Christ that makes us one, let us be generous and contribute as much as we can in our own capacities to help the Church in Central and South America.


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