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Quote of the Week

February 14, 2007

Where there is love, our perception of the other’s fault is more objective (in the proper sense of the word) than in instances where there is no love whatever. We come to better grips with reality when we see another’s failings in the light of his whole personality, understanding them from within, sorrowing over them because of what the loved one is. There is even keen suffering for his sake, not because his faults are a burden but because our love for him makes his inner growth and attaining a perfection a matter of great concern to us.

The kind of credit which love makes possible has a particular nobility about it. One discovers in it the special largesse of love—a value which does not, however, take its origin altogether from the responsive attitude evoked by value. Such conviction, rooted in love’s act of giving, involves an element of hope which carries a special blessing for the loved one—a blessing which is also one of love’s gifts.

Dietrich von Hildebrand, Man and Woman

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