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Registration opens today for World Youth Day 2008

March 2, 2007

H/T: Amy Welborn

Group registration opens today for World Youth Day 2008 in Sidney! 500 days before the event.

I received a brochure from my diocese a few months ago, where they were offering trips to the Sidney WYD for ~$2000. Many parishes have been raising money since the last World Youth Day in Cologne, so they can take their young people. I went with Magnificat Travel to the one in Cologne and I strongly recommend it, because they are experienced in organizing pilgrimages, so our trip was not simply a nice tourist destination, but one with a lot of sacrifice and prayer. Michael has also been to a WYD in Rome in 2000 and his experience was definitely quite different than mine, because his did not maintain a prayerful atmosphere during the trip. So it is important to know who are you choosing to attend WYD with. Most of the pilgrimage agencies will let you pay in installments as Magnificat Travel does.

If you ask me, as a former youth minister, I would not recommend taking high school students or younger to these kind of events, especially if they are so far away. Many things can happen during an overseas trip, which can have undesirable consequences for teenagers or younger children. I would recommend it more for a group of young adults.

Anyone planning on going to WYD 2008?

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