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Are they really "saints"?

March 6, 2007

Pope John Paul II…Mother Teresa…Dorothy Day…Pope John XXIII…Francisco and Jacinta Marto…Sister Lucia…

They knew each other. They honored each. They strengthened one another. They are four of the 20th century’s greatest men and women of the Catholic faith. Four have been beatified, three have been declared “Servant of God” with their canonization cases progressing forward. Their local bishops and successors have deemed them worthy of sainthood. Can we call them saints–holy men and women set aside as models and witnesses of faith by their own bishops–before they are canonized? Are they not as holy or worthy of being called “saints” before they are officially recognized as such by the Bishop of Rome? Should we keep silent about their holy lives and count them no more worthy of the title of “saint” as any other person who has died in the state of grace? Can we call them “saints”?

Look at them. Look at their lives. Look at their hearts.

Is there really a question?


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