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MSNBC special

March 13, 2007

We just received an email from MSNBC’s Media Relations asking us to post the following advertisement for an upcoming special on Jesus. It sounds interesting, especially the references to American Christianity’s apparent blessing of certain economic trends:

From the Roman Empire forward, no force has shaped western civilization like Christianity. In America, most founding fathers professed faith in Jesus and now almost 200 years later, many in Washington and in Hollywood have taken a more expansive view toward faith. MSNBC’s “Scarborough Reports,” hosted by Joe Scarborough, takes a look at how faith has become a multi-billion dollar message, this Wednesday, March 14th at 9 p.m. ET. The one-hour special delves into the fast-growing Christian movement in America – Evangelicals, whose beliefs and bank accounts have made Jesus Christ a superstar once again.


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