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CWNews reports false news on Sobrino

March 14, 2007

The Vatican made public today its NOTIFICAZIONE SULLE OPERE DEL P. JON SOBRINO, S.I.: “JESUCRISTO LIBERADOR. LECTURA HISTÓRICOTEOLÓGICA DE JESÚS DE NAZARET (MADRID, 1991) E “LA FE EN JESUCRISTO. ENSAYO DESDE LAS VÍCTIMAS (SAN SALVADOR, 1999). Contrary to three stories by CWNews in which it was first reported that Fr. Jon Sobrino would be restricted from teaching at Catholic institutions and publishing his works, and then supposed confirmed by three sources, Fr. Sobrino was not disciplined in any manner by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.

The Notificazione briefly touches on six points in Sobrino’s Jesus the Liberator and Le Fe en Jesuchristo that constitute “imprecisions and errors”: method, divinity of Christ, and consciousness of Christ, the Kingdom of God, the communicatio idiomatum, and soteriology.

The CDF is very clear as to the purpose the Notificazione serves: The purpose of this Notification is precisely to make known to all the faithful the fruitfulness of theological reflection that does not fear being developed from within the living stream of ecclesial Tradition.

CWNews seriously misled us on this one, not only with one speculative story, which would have been pardonable, but also with two follow-up stories that claimed that the disciplining of Sobrino was a fact and was confirmed by a number of high-ranking clerics. Thanks to dotCommonweal for providing us with the real facts and accurate perspective.

For more information, see John Allen, Jr.’s comments here. Also, Zenit has the Explanatory Note on the Notification on the Works of Father Jon Sobrino, SJ, which describes the intentions, measures and conclusions of the CDF’s process of investigation of Sobrino’s works.

This is not the first time CWNews has stretched the evidence or misrepresented facts in their stories (one example is their recent story on Fr. Euteneuer’s confrontation with Sean Hannity). I recommend comparing CWNews stories to other news agencies’ reports in order to be sure that what you are reading is fair and accurate.


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