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"What does it mean to be a Christian in America today?"

March 22, 2007

This was the topic of a writing assignment I gave to my sixth graders. They were only to write what immediately came to mind based upon what we had read and discussed. I was quite impressed with what these 11 and 12 year-olds came up with. Here are some of their responses:

To a Jew, it’s just another religion. To a pagan, just another religion. To a Christian, it’s your faith and your life. When you are a Christian, you are part of Christ. You agree to follow certain rules. Some are simple, like “obey your parents”. Others are harder, as “love your neighbor as yourself”. You are on the path to eternal happiness. It means you’re baptized. You receive God’s graces. You believe in life everlasting, the forgiveness of sins, one sole eternal God, Jesus and his Passion, and his Resurrection. You believe that Christ, God the Father’s Son, has saved the world. If only they would save themselves. Unfortunately, America has changed the view on Christians. It really means to follow Christ, but people think it means to pray all day, be a good two-shoes, and never do anything really good. This isn’t what it means. America has twisted the world’s views on Christians. This is a sad day for America.

-Julia V.

To me being a Christian in America today is very important even if it comes with a lot of responsibilities. It means we have to do all in our power to try to make the world’s (if possible) laws just and moral. For example, abortion, euthanasia, and all the legal laws that do not agree with God’s laws. It also means having faith in all that Jesus taught, the Bible teaches, and what Pope Benedict XVI teaches. We also have to keep the commandments, go to confession, and go to Mass to receive the Holy and Sacred Eucharist.

Alesia G.

To be a Christian in America, to me, means following Jesus the way he taught us and obeying the rules he gave us. We must also do the seven sacraments and make hard sacrifices even though you don’t want to. We should obey the state, too. Their power comes from God. We should not obey them if they make a law legal but it is not moral. We must follow Jesus’ rule. “Do unto neighbors as you would have them do unto you.”

-Clay N.

To be a Christian in America today means to fight for what we believe in. That means to be pro-life, help make this country a good one, and to believe in the one God. We can pray for people in the wars, like in Iraq, and all the other wars that will happen in the future. We can also pray for the poor people who have no money or homes to live in or eat in or sleep in. That is what it means to be a Christian in America today.

-Kay C.

It means that you follow God’s authority first, then the state’s also. It means you are a good citizen and you follow the laws that are just. You fight in the right wars. You only follow laws that are just, moral and go with God’s law. You help the poor. Go to Mass. You vote at elections to choose the best president for the country. You fight against abortion and euthanasia. You volunteer if you can. You give money to the Church if you can. You pay taxes. That is what it means to be a Christian.

-Kimberly H.

Being a Christian in America today means that you fight for what the pope teaches us and tells us to do. It also means that you fight for one God, one true god that is God. You fight for abortion to stop. You can fight by prayer, not physically fighting with swords, but fighting with prayer. That’s the best way to fight as a Christian in America today. To be a Christian in also means to be a faithful, truthful, and loyal soldier to save souls that need our help because they don’t have God with them at their side to help them fight the endless battle.

-Ana Paula F.

Today’s world is very advanced in technology and America is one of the most advanced countries in the world. In fact, it is the world’s undisputed superpower. Christians here have the best ways of helping other people. It has a good government and no Communism. Some countries around us are poor and weak. Christians need to help people in other countries, too. We need to bring our goodness and charity to other people in the world. But we also have to watch things within our borders also. Although America is a good country, there are some very bad things going on right now. Like euthanasia, abortion and manufactured babies. We have to do all we can to bring down all the immoral things in the world.

-Josh B.

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