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Catholic Church in LA offers migrants sanctuary

March 24, 2007

This is a rather radical, admirable, and bold move by the Church. It seems that we will be seeing more of these in late April to avoid separation of families through deportation. Let us remember that the Church condemns deportation deeming it a violation of the integrity of the person.

The Our Lady Queen of Angels Parish website has a very informative workshop document that touches on different aspects of immigration.

Source: LA Times

Construction crews at Our Lady Queen of Angels are putting the finishing touches on a controversial new addition to the historic downtown Los Angeles church: living quarters in which to harbor an immigrant family facing deportation.

The 188-year-old parish, also known as La Placita, is among the first churches in the nation to pledge participation in a new sanctuary movement expected to be launched in late April as a faith-based effort to help undocumented families and to press for immigration reform.

“Here, we’re taking our concerns about the nation’s broken immigration system to a new level,” Father Richard Estrada said this week as he stood in the church’s second-floor storage room, above the altar, that is being converted into housing.

“Families broken by broken laws, and churches broken by it all,” Estrada said. “You hear about it happening in churches across the city.”

Church officials, citing immigration raids across the country that are breaking up families, say immigration law needs to be more humane. With Congress poised to restart debate on legislative reforms, they hope the sanctuary movement will focus attention on the issue.


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