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Scott Hahn in Rome

March 30, 2007

I had Scott Hahn for two biblical studies courses while I was at Steubenville, so I know what a treat it is for the students at La Pontificia Università della Santa Croce to have him as a visiting professor this week. Irene Lagan has a write-up on Dr. Hahn’s visit:

Benedict XVI’s “Curriculum”

Seminarians, students and other eager listeners gathered recently at the University of the Holy Cross in Rome listen to American professor Scott Hahn expound the theological vision of Benedict XVI.

The weeklong mini course was just one of several meetings, formal and informal, during which Hahn, a professor at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio and St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, spoke with laity and religious on a range of topics.

Foremost on Hahn’s agenda was the Holy Father’s “curriculum” for Catholics, which Hahn believes will also lead many Protestant theologians to discover the answers they have been searching in the Catholic liturgy.

But even more, Hahn said that Benedict XVI’s “clarity and classic style of theologizing” make his teaching accessible to the average lay person.

“One of the remarkable things about Benedict XVI,” said Hahn, “is that he is almost too straightforward. With a little bit of effort, those who are not schooled in theology will grasp treasures of biblical wisdom in the context of liturgy and the sacraments.”

The Pope’s writing, Hahn said, has been significant in his own faith journey.

“I started reading Joseph Ratzinger before I realized he was Catholic, let alone a cardinal, now Benedict XVI,” he said. “That was 25 years ago; I’ve only been Catholic for 20.”

At a casual reception at the home of a former student now working in Rome, Hahn encouraged old and new students to take advantage of their proximity to the Holy Father as a time of preparation for their own service to the Church.

He said: “This is the hour of the laity. It is a tremendous privilege to be so near Benedict XVI who is a teacher par excellence.

“Those of you who have the privilege of learning from him so directly will be called upon to serve others.”

During a visit to the North American College, Hahn encouraged seminarians to remain rooted in prayer and Scripture.

American seminarian Johnny Burns was enthusiastic about Hahn’s talk: “He spoke about the priesthood in a biblical context and then talked about priestly fatherhood by building on lessons he’s learned from being a father.

“His personal stories were quite moving. And when he shared with us what he truly thought of the priesthood, that was also moving, indeed unforgettable.”


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