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A Catholic Perspective on Immigration

May 1, 2007

Below are a summary of the many posts we have written in regard to immigration in this country and the perspective of the Catholic Church on this topic. We have also included posts that our fellow bloggers have written on the topic. If we missed other blogs or posts, let us know.

On this day, May 1st, which is Labor Day for most Latin American countries, many in this country will flock to the streets to demand a humane and comprehensive immigration reform from Congress. Let us condemn deportation and other actions that violate human dignity. Let us pray for a humanization of the people behind the numbers and the statistics, for people to understand the difference between the violation of a civil law and a criminal law, and for a consistent ethic of human life.

Papal Perspectives and Conciliar Teachings
John Paul II on the care for migrants
John Paul II on illegal immigration
Quote of the Week (Benedict XVI on migration)
Gaudium et spes on respect for dignity

U.S. Bishops
Archbishop Chaput’s column
Archbishop Wilton Gregory on the role of the Catholic Church in the immigration debate
U.S Bishops against building a wall on the U.S./Mexico border
Bishops of Arizona: A Pastoral Letter on Immigration
National Migration Week: January 7-13
USCCB’s immigration reform website: Justice for Immigration – A Journey of Hope

Political and Social Issues

Don’t accept pesos or else!
Parents deported with their children
Which sign are you going to hold up?
Immigrant stories
A Theology of Immigration by Fr. Daniel Groody
President promises jobs to Mexicans
A different perspective on the recent immigration raids

Evangelical Catholicism on building an immigration fence/wall
The Problem with American “Papist”
Does CCC 2241 make provision for building the wall
Our last word on the Wall
Evangelical Catholicism Original Video
Welcoming Christ in the Migrant Video

Other Blogs

Reasons and Opinions
Anti-Immigration? It’s the Catholicism, Stupid!
The Problem with Nationalism
Moral Consistency
Illegal immigrants should be treated with dignity and respect
I am becoming all that I am
Bishops Call Swift & Co. Raids Divisive
Bishop Speaks Out Against Immigration Raids
USA Today Blog
Is the Catholic Church pro-immigrant? You bet.
Monte Asbury’s Blog
“But they broke the law”
The Discalced Yooper
Last Immigration Post
Amnesty Is Not The Answer Except When It Is
Immigration: I don’t get it
Immigration Defense
Criminal Offense: Failure to Snitch

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