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Thinking Blogger Award

May 1, 2007

Sister Anne, from Nunblog, has awarded us and four other Catholic bloggers, the “Thinking Blogger Award”!

Sister Anne wrote: “I can only point to these five as models for blogging with a mission, blogging with a vision, blogging with a brain…” and that Evangelical Catholicism has “informed insights with depth and breadth from a young pair of writers. They bring reliable research to the blogosphere in matters that are often highly charged.

Sr. Anne also picked another four great Catholic blogs: Crossed the Tiber, Catholicism, Holiness and Spirituality, You Duped Me, O Lord, and la Nouvelle Theologie.

Michael and I don’t believe much in Catholic blog awards, but on this case, since it comes from another fellow blogger, it is more like getting feedback from one of our readers, who does not necessarily leave comments on our posts, but seems to enjoy them anyway–and that is always a good thing to know 🙂

Thank you for the honors, Sr. Anne!

We will “announce” our picks for the “Thinking Blogger Award” in the next few days.


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