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French Presidential Election Today

May 6, 2007

Marie-Ségolène Royal vs. Nicolas Sarkozy
35% of France’s registered voters had already cast their ballots by noon today. 75% had voted by 5:00pm. The U.S. ought to follow the example!

Get to know a bit about the candidates here.

Here’s an example of how pathetic the FoxNews coverage of the election has been. You’ll notice that no real issues are discussed. Rather, Sarkozy is likened to Rudolf Giuliani, Royal to Hillary Clinton and Bayrou to Ross Perot. The only matter about which Fox seems to care is whether the candidates are pro-U.S. Once again, Fox lags behind in political perspective. Contrast with CNN:

Update: Sarkozy wins the French presidency with roughly 53% of the vote. See CNN’s write-up for the details and for videos of the candidates’ reactions.


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