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May 8, 2007

Well, we’ve been hit again! Cynthia Nielsen over at Per caritatem has presented us with the coveted accolade that is the “Thinking Blog Award.” Thanks to Cynthia and to Sr. Anne of NunBlog for their kind words and for thinking of us.

Now, Katerina and I do not campaign for blog accolades such as Catholic Blog Awards or the Blogger’s Choice Awards, even though we’ve been nominated several times (you will not see us stringing along our sidebar all our nomination banners). I think some integrity is lost when a Catholic blogger feels compelled to campaign for an award, shamelessly promoting their blog and begging their readers to vote continuously. While there certainly is a debate over whether or not blogging is a real ministry, there is no question in my mind that campaigning for blog awards obliterates any semblance of ministry, replacing it instead with vainglory.

But as Katerina has noted, the “Thinking Blog Award” is simply an acknowledgement from other bloggers of one’s hard work and ability to spark creative thought. The fact that it is not solicited but instead freely given by a fellow blogger redeems this particular accolade, at least in my view.

And so now Katerina and I have the task of awarding the “Thinking Blog Award” to five blogs whose content we find creative and thought-provoking. But since we received the award twice, I am going to double the number of blogs who receive the award. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Coffee and Diapers – Practical wisdom from three young Catholic mothers.
2. Insight Scoop – Very thoughtful posts on theology, politics and books.
3. Mirror of Justice – Awesome concept: a bunch of Catholic law professors treating issues from a multitude of angles…depth and diversity.
4. Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita – Sadly underrated, but one of the smartest Catholic blogs out there
5. Reasons and Opinions – One of the few Catholic blogs that actually backs up its opinions with reasons
6. Discalced Yooper – Brilliant
7. The Lamb and the Dragon – Thinks with the heart of Christ and writes like a Psalmist
8. Faith and Theology – Ben Myers’ blog is simply the best theology blog out there
9. Pro Ecclesia-Pro Familia-Pro Civitate – Political allegience asides, Jay’s posts rarely disappoint
10. Catholic Anarchy – Where if it isn’t radical, it isn’t Christ


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