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What the Post-VCII Church needs…

December 3, 2009

Von Balthasar on how Erich Przywara’s thought anticipated some of the conciliar teaching, but also offered the corrective which may have prevented some of the unintended results and upheaval following the council:

[Przywara] had long anticipated the opening of the Church to the world [das All] that came with the Council, but he possessed in addition the corrective that has not been applied in the way that the Council’s [teachings] have been inflected and broadly put into practice: namely, the elemental, downright Old Testament sense for the divinity of God, who is a consuming fire, a death-bringing sword, and a transporting love. Indeed, he alone possessed the language in which the word “God” could be heard without that touch of squeamishness that has led to the tepid, half-hearted talk of the average theology of today. He lives like the mythical salamander in the fire: there, at the point where finite, creaturely being arises out of the infinite, where that indissoluble mystery holds sway that he baptized with the name analogia entis.

from Von Balthsar, “Erich Przywara,” in Tendenzen der Theologie im 20. Jahrhundert, ed. Hans Jürgen Schulz (Stuttgart and Berlin: Kreuz Verlag, 1966), p. 354f.

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